Monday, 29 February 2016

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery

If you are suffering from a colon disease such as colorectal cancer, Crohn’s disease, your surgeon may suggest you removing some part of all of the colon, depending upon your colon condition. If your colon condition needs a surgical treatment, then you should ask your surgeon about minimally invasive colorectal procedures. People who choose minimally invasive procedures over traditional surgery enjoy benefits of quick healing, shorter hospital stays and speedy recovery. This means, after surgery you can go back sooner to your normal life. 

Advantages of minimally invasive procedures

Minimally invasive colorectal surgery carries many benefits. It gives more precision and control to the colorectal surgeons. With robot-assisted surgery, the surgeon can operate with enhanced 2D/3D HD vision that provides improved visibility to make small maneuvers in a confined space.
Here are some more benefits of minimally invasive colorectal surgery:

Speedy Recovery
In minimally invasive surgery, smaller incisions are required as compared to traditional surgery. Hence, your body will heal faster in minimally invasive surgery.

Shorter Hospital Stay
These procedures will give the advantage of shorter hospital stay, and you can go back to the normal routine of life sooner.

Minimal Scarring
In minimally invasive surgery, there will be less scarring as most of the incision will be hard to notice after healing.

Less Pain
If you want less pain while treating your colon condition, less invasive surgery is recommended.

Other Benefits:
·         Faster return to normal bowel function
·         Less blood loss
·         Low rate of complications

Who is suitable for a minimally invasive procedure?

Though the benefits of minimally invasive surgery make it an ideal treatment option for colon diseases. However, these procedures may not be suitable for everyone. Ask your doctor if robotic surgery is right for you or not. 

If you want to treat your colon condition through robotic colon surgery, then make sure you choose an experienced and top rated colorectal surgeon Los Angeles who has the expertise in robot-assisted surgery.

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